Further Your Education With A Community College

If you are a Colorado resident and are looking to further your education but simply do not have the means as well as the time to attend a four year college, there are Denver community colleges that can assist you with all of your education needs. Whether you are looking to earn a certificate in a specialized program or eventually transfer your credits to a four year school, there are a variety of affordable education options available. Many schools also offer online courses, which are beneficial to individuals that may be working full time or that have family obligations. It is never too late to expand your knowledge and earn your degree or certificate, and community colleges in Denver provide the tools you need to get started in a new direction.

Associate of Arts Degree

Possessing an Associate of Arts degree can open up a lot of employment and career opportunities, and Denver community colleges offer a variety of Associate of Arts degree programs. General A.A. degree programs include Early Childhood Education, Fine Art, and Philosophy, and designated A.A. degree programs include Anthropology, Business, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Elementary Education, French, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Spanish.
Certificate Programs

Earning a specialized certificate allows students a chance to land a great job in their field of choice immediately after earning their certificates. Additionally, students can continue to further their educations after earning their certificates in order to advance in their fields. Denver community colleges offer a wide variety of certificate programs that include Law Enforcement, Accounting, General Business and Human Resources, Marketing, Real Estate, Translation and Interpretation, Full Charge Bookkeeping, Personal Fitness Training, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Science, Criminal Justice, Security Officer Specialist, Film and Video, and a variety of IT and Computer Technician certificates.

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Online Education

If you are currently working full time, have family obligations, or if distance is an issue, Denver community colleges offer online education programs where students can earn their degrees and certificates from the comfort of their home computers. There are four different categories to online learning. Full online courses allow for the student to complete assignments, testing, and study completely online according to their own schedules. Hybrid online courses are a combination of both online classes and scheduled meetings, allowing for students to work face to face with their instructors while providing a more convenient schedule of partial studies from home.

Open Entry courses are a popular alternative for students, as they are allowed to enroll any time during the semester. Students select their start date, and courses can be completed according to the student’s schedule, as long as they are completed within ten to fifteen weeks of the student’s original start date. Self- Paced Courses are the final category in online education, and these courses are quite beneficial to students that have constantly changing schedules. Students start their courses at the beginning of the semester, and all self- paced courses need to be completed by the end of the semester. During this time, students can take their time and progress at their own speed, and all classes are internet based.

Benefits of Community College

Community college is a great way to further your education in an affordable and convenient fashion. There are a variety of programs available that help students achieve their goals, allowing for a successful and positive future.

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