Designing of Die Block in Press Form

Points Covered Introduction. Designing of Die Block. Process of making 1800 Press Form Points to be Covered. Introduction Rubber parts are used in aircraft. Rubber parts are moulded under heat and pressure in a die. The dies or moulds are commonly called as Press Forms. Moulds are made from mild steel by machining, milling and finishing by hand. Designing of Die Block Design of die block depends upon work piece size and thickness. Overall dimensions of the die block will be determined by the minimum wall thickness of the die…

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Lathe Machine 

Different Types Keys and Cotters With Images

A machine runs by the power supplied to it by a prime mover such as, motor, engine, etc. The power is transmitted from the prime mover to the machine through a coupler which couples the shafts of the prime mover and the machine. The most commonly employed method to connect a shaft and a part is to drive a small piece of metal, known as key between the shaft and the hole made in the part mounted over it. The key will be driven such that it sits partly into…

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