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Analytical and Experimental Determination of Cutting Forces | Mechanics of Machining

Development of equations for estimation of cutting forces The two basic methods of determination of cutting forces and their characteristics are : (a) Analytical method : enables estimation of cutting forces characteristics : – • easy, quick and inexpensive • very approximate and average • effect of several factors like cutting velocity, cutting fluid action etc. are not revealed • unable to depict the dynamic characteristics of the forces. (b) Experimental methods : direct measurement characteristics : – • quite accurate and provides true picture • can reveal effect of variation…

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Compression Causes Expansion | Materials and Mechanics

Surface tension compresses a water droplet and equivalently the effect of surface stress is to decrease the lattice parameter in metal particles. The effect of surface stress and elastic properties like Poisson’s ratio can be accentuated in lower dimensional systems like metal nanoparticles. The I.I.T. Kanpur team, using a two scale computational method and transmission electron microscopy, not only show a lattice expansion due to purely surface stress effects in a metallic system, but also discover anomalous lattice expansion in the case of very thin walled in metal nanoshells. This…

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Machining Forces and Merchant’s Circle Diagram (MCD) | Mechanics of Machining

Benefit of knowing and purpose of determining cutting forces The aspects of the cutting forces concerned : • Magnitude of the cutting forces and their components • Directions and locations of action of those forces • Pattern of the forces : static and / or dynamic. Knowing or determination of the cutting forces facilitate or are required for : • Estimation of cutting power consumption, which also enables selection of the power source(s) during design of the machine tools • Structural design of the machine – fixture – tool system…

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