Arc Welding Welding 

Brief details about ‘Advanced Welding Process’

While welding with oxy-acetylene or arc welding the welder faces main difficulty of oxidation. To avoid oxidation fluxes are used but fluxes are also corrosive in nature that’s why these welding process (oxy-Acetylene and electric arc) can’t be used on A/C equipment. For A/C equipment advanced welding techniques are used. These techniques are TIG, MIG, EBW, etc. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Gas tungsten arc welding uses the heat of an electric arc between a tungsten electrode and the base metal. A Separate welding filler rod is fed into the…

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Arc Welding Engineering Soldering Welding 

Fundamentals of Soldering, Brazing & Soldering Techniques

Patching is a procedure of joining two metals together with iron by the utilization of a patch composite to structure a dependable electrical way. It is not a straightforward undertaking since it obliges experience and information. It is exceptionally essential to make a legitimate fastening joint since flawed joints are one of the real reason for circuit sheets disappointment. Binding is one of the most established strategies for joining two metals. There are a few methods of uniting two metals together like joining with screws and nuts, bolts, and so…

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