College MBA 

Lessons of Leadership

A CONVERSATION WITH JEB BUSH ABOUT CHALLENGES IN EDUCATION (AND GOVERNMENT) What does it take to drive a big vision of change — at the legislative level, the policy level, or even at the local school level? In a recent Facebook Live interview with Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, former Republican candidate for president, and chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education reflected on his own experiences. He argued that the essential characteristics of effective leadership are similar in government and in education — at all levels. In a…

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How To Write MBA Dissertation?

Composing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) thesis is normally needed for acquiring a MBA degree. Making a decent showing of setting up a paper normally includes picking a point those hobbies you, giving careful consideration to the rules your school gives, and staying in contact with your exposition board of trustees and counsel. It’s additionally vital to permit enough time for careful research and fare thee well with spelling, punctuation, accentuation, and arranging. It’s essential to verify you completely comprehend the rules for a MBA thesis before you begin…

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How To Write Your MBA Essay Without Really Trying

All the information your MBA essay needs to be wow the Admissions Committee is already in your mind. Your job is to transfer the information in your memory and thought processes onto the printed page. You have to remember this when you are staring at your admissions essay question. You have to assume this position of control or elese you might do what countless other MBA applicants do-get frozen into procrastination by the seemingly huge and impossible task of writing yourself in a coherent essay. It is always easier to…

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