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Apple patent hints at better gesture control on the Apple Watch

It looks like Apple is working hard at giving users new way to control the Apple Watch. While these days the Apple Watch is largely controlled by the touchscreen, one day it may also give users extensive control through different gestures, according to a new Apple patent. The patent, called “Motion and Gesture Input From a Wearable Device,” discusses a wearable device with a series of photodiodes that can sense light through a user’s skin. As the tissue in the wrist expands and contracts, the device can recognize patterns, and…

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Design Patent and a Utility Patent

The distinction between a design patent and a utility patent is that an outline patent secures the decorative outline, arrangement, enhanced improving appearance, or state of a creation. This patent is fitting when the fundamental item exists in the commercial center and is not being enhanced in capacity yet just in style. For instance, creator eyeglass outlines, the first Coca-Cola jugs, and “Pet Rocks” would have all been ensured with outline licenses. A U.S. outline patent goes on for a long time. A utility patent secures any new creation or useful…

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