Welding Workshop 

Understanding the Diferences between Heat Treatment, Annealing, and Tempering!

Heat Treatment, Annealing, and Tempering are three well-known methods for giving treatment to metals. Depending on the treatment used, a material may become more or less brittle, harder or softer, or stronger or weaker. The method chosen depends on the desired characteristics of the material. If steel is being treated, for instance, the designer may desire an end material with a high tensile strength but a relatively low degree of brittleness. In order to achieve the desired levels, the designer may make use of several treatments, alter the temperature at…

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Workshop Stakes Used While Working On Sheet Metals

While working on sheet metals, a worker has to carry out a number of operations, which require the use of some typical bench equipment or tools; generally called bench stakes.  These are used for bending or forming sheet metal articles. Stakes are generally made of wrought iron. Stakes consist of a shank and a head or horn. These shanks are held in vices or tin man’s horses. The head and horn are available in various shapes and sizes. Their working faces are machined or ground to shape. Following are the…

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