Types of Drives in Slotting Machine

These machines utilize three types of drives. These are rack driven, screw driven, and crank driven. The crank driven being most common because of the variety of work, which they undertake, normally. Main Parts of Slotting Machine   The various main parts of slotting machine are as mentioned below: Frame or Column. This is a massive casting of great strength designed to carry all the working part of the machine. Table. Table of slotter holds the work piece and is adjustable in longitudinal and cross-wise directions. The table can be rotated…

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Shaping Machine 

Main Parts of Shaping Machine and Their Application

The following are the main parts of shaping machine: Base – Base is a hollow casting upon which the other parts of the shaper are mounted. It also houses a reservoir for supply of oil which is circulated for moving parts of the machine. Frame – Frame is a large casting that rests upon the base. It houses the mechanism and supports the ram and the table. Ram – Ram is the main moving part of the shaper. It holds and drives the single point cutting tool back and forth…

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