Lathe Machine 

Different Types Keys and Cotters With Images

A machine runs by the power supplied to it by a prime mover such as, motor, engine, etc. The power is transmitted from the prime mover to the machine through a coupler which couples the shafts of the prime mover and the machine. The most commonly employed method to connect a shaft and a part is to drive a small piece of metal, known as key between the shaft and the hole made in the part mounted over it. The key will be driven such that it sits partly into…

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Comparison Between Keys and Cotters

The main difference between keys and cotters are as follows: (a) Keys are driven parallel to the axis whereas cotters are driven perpendicular to the axis. (b) Keys are used in parts subjected to torque whereas cotters are used in parts subjected to tensile or compressive force. (c) Keys resist shear over a longitudinal section whereas cotters resist shear over two transverse sections. Cotter Joints Cotter joints are used to connect together two rods rigidly to transmit power in the length-wise direction. Sometimes when it is required to increase the…

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