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Analytical and Experimental Determination of Cutting Forces | Mechanics of Machining

Development of equations for estimation of cutting forces The two basic methods of determination of cutting forces and their characteristics are : (a) Analytical method : enables estimation of cutting forces characteristics : – • easy, quick and inexpensive • very approximate and average • effect of several factors like cutting velocity, cutting fluid action etc. are not revealed • unable to depict the dynamic characteristics of the forces. (b) Experimental methods : direct measurement characteristics : – • quite accurate and provides true picture • can reveal effect of variation…

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Machining Forces and Merchant’s Circle Diagram (MCD) | Mechanics of Machining

Benefit of knowing and purpose of determining cutting forces The aspects of the cutting forces concerned : • Magnitude of the cutting forces and their components • Directions and locations of action of those forces • Pattern of the forces : static and / or dynamic. Knowing or determination of the cutting forces facilitate or are required for : • Estimation of cutting power consumption, which also enables selection of the power source(s) during design of the machine tools • Structural design of the machine – fixture – tool system…

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