The welding processes

Welding Welding is a process of joining similar metals by application of heat, with or without application of pressure, with or without adding the filler material, with or without using flux. The welding processes generally used are classified into two main groups: (a) Pressure Welding (b) Fusion Welding or Welding without Pressure In pressure welding, the surfaces to be joined are heated to a plastic state. Then forced together by external pressure to make the joint. This process is used in Forge Welding, Resistance Welding and Pressure Thermit Welding. Fusion…

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Role of Casting and Forging in Workshop

Casting has been used for shaping metal since the earliest days of civilization. A wide variety of sizes and shapes of simple and intricate nature can be produced in different metals. Casting is a process of producing metal or alloy components of desired shape, by pouring the molten metal/alloy into a prepared mould. After that it is allowed to cool and solidify. The solidified alloy or metal is known as casting. Smithy is understood to handle relatively small jobs that can be heated in an open fire or hearth. The…

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