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Use of Chip Breaker in Machining | Mechanics of Machining

Need and purpose of chip-breaking Continuous machining like turning of ductile metals, unlike brittle metals like grey cast iron, produce continuous chips, which leads to their handling and disposal problems. The problems become acute when ductile but strong metals like steels are machined at high cutting velocity for high MRR by flat rake face type carbide or ceramic inserts. The sharp edged hot continuous chip that comes out at very high speed • becomes dangerous to the operator and the other people working in the vicinity • may impair the…

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Conversion of tool angles from one system to another: Mechanics of Machining

Purposes of conversion of tool angles from one system to another • To understand the actual tool geometry in any system of choice or convenience from the geometry of a tool expressed in any other systems • To derive the benefits of the various systems of tool designation as and when required • Communication of the same tool geometry between people following different tool designation systems. Methods of conversion of tool angles from one system to another • Analytical (geometrical) method: simple but tedious • Graphical method – Master line…

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