Lathe Machine 


1. KNOW YOUR MACHINE. Read the manual carefully. Learn the machines applications and limitations, as well as the specific potential hazards peculiar to it. 2. KEEP GUARDS IN PLACE and in working order. 3. EARTH ALL MACHINES. If the machine is equipped with three-pin plug, it should be plugged into a three-pin electrical socket. Never remove the earth pin. 4. REMOVE ADJUSTING KEYS AND WRENCHES. 5. KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN. Cluttered areas and benches invite accidents. 6. DON’T USE IN DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT. Don’t use machinery in damp or wet locations,…

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Difference between Generator and Motor

Generator             Motor (a) It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy when driven by prime mover. (a) It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, when input supply is given by any source. (b) It works on the principle of Faraday’s Law of electro magnetic induction and its direction of induced current (e.m.f) is found by Fleming’s right hand rule. (b) It works on the principle “when a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field it experience or produce a mechanical force whose direction of rotation is found by Fleming’s Left…

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