Production Process and Classification of Pig Iron

Ferrous metals are iron based metals which include all varieties of iron and steels. Ferrous basically refers to iron. Iron is the name given to pure ferrite (Fe), as well as to mixtures of this ferrite with about 1.7% Carbon also known as Pig Iron. Pig iron is the basic raw material which is produced from iron ore in the blast furnace. Cast iron, wrought iron and steels are made from Pig iron. Cast iron is produced in cupola furnace. Cast iron can be cast but it cannot be forged….

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Puddling Process of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is virtually pure iron, containing a large number of minute threads of slag lying parallel to each other, thereby giving the metal a fibrous appearance when broken. It contains negligible carbon percentage and therefore, does not harden when quenched in water. Wrought iron is produced by puddling process in reverberatory furnace. Puddling Process              Wrought iron is produced in reverberatory furnace by puddling process which is similar to open hearth furnace with combustion taking place at one end only. The furnace is lined with iron oxide. (in the…

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