Introduction To Radar

Radar is basically a means of gathering information about distant object or targets by streaming electromagnetic waves at them and analyzing their echoes (reflection). It was evolved during the years just before World War II independently and more or less simultaneously in Great Britain, the United States, Germanyand France. At first it was used as an all weather method of detecting an approaching aircraft and for detecting anti-aircraft weapons and later for many other purposes. The words ‘RADAR’ is an acronym coined from the words Radio Detection And Ranging (means…

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Basic Engineering Drawing – Dimensioning and Layout Procedure

A drawing of an object is prepared to define its shape and to specify its size. The shape description is based on projection and the size description on dimensioning.  Every drawing must give its complete size description stating length, width, thickness, diameter of holes, grooves, angles, etc. and such other details relating to its construction. To give all those measurements and information describing the size of the object in the drawing is called dimensioning. Placing of Dimensions Dimensions should be placed on the view, which shows the relevant features most…

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