Arc Welding Welding 

Brief details about ‘Advanced Welding Process’

While welding with oxy-acetylene or arc welding the welder faces main difficulty of oxidation. To avoid oxidation fluxes are used but fluxes are also corrosive in nature that’s why these welding process (oxy-Acetylene and electric arc) can’t be used on A/C equipment. For A/C equipment advanced welding techniques are used. These techniques are TIG, MIG, EBW, etc. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Gas tungsten arc welding uses the heat of an electric arc between a tungsten electrode and the base metal. A Separate welding filler rod is fed into the…

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What’s The Point In Welding?

Welding is a process in which two or more pieces of metal are permanently joined together and various welding types allow for different welds to be completed, depending on the circumstances. It’s used in the making of a lot of different everyday objects which use metal pieces, so it’s fundamental for modern life to function as it does today. Regardless of this, many people don’t realize that welding plays such an important role in our lives or how many things are actually created through welding. Welding Uses Many different industries…

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