Welding is a process in which two or more pieces of metal are permanently joined together and various welding types allow for different welds to be completed, depending on the circumstances.

It’s used in the making of a lot of different everyday objects which use metal pieces, so it’s fundamental for modern life to function as it does today. Regardless of this, many people don’t realize that welding plays such an important role in our lives or how many things are actually created through welding.

Welding Uses

Many different industries make use of welding. It’s vital in everything from the manufacturing of cars and other vehicles, to creating pipes for transporting things such as oil.

Welding is also used in creating machinery for tasks such as mining and construction, as well as being used in the construction of metal buildings. Without welding, we wouldn’t have ships, aircraft, a rail system, cars or spacecraft – at least not in a way we’d recognize today.

Many technological advancements wouldn’t exist simply due to not having a viable or easy enough way to create it.

Metal bridges have parts that are welded, too. Big metal oil rigs out at sea are held together entirely by welding – from the legs that hold it up to all the other various parts of it.

Welding is also used in creating smaller things lie office equipment. This might include your chair or table legs if they use metal, or parts of your building may have been welded during construction.

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Welding plays a role in industries as far out as food processing and papermaking too – as many of the different pieces of equipment and machinery in these industries are made by welding.

Types Of Welding

There are many different types of welding that are done by welders depending on what they’re welding or the circumstances in which they’re welding it. Some of these types of welding are common, whereas others are needed less often.

Different welds are done by different welding equipment, and these create the welds in different ways. Arc welding, for instance, is a common form of welding that sends an electrical current through the pieces of metal to weld them together. Another form of welding is TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, which welds metal together by heating them with a tungsten electrode, while shielding the weld while it’s being worked on with an inert gas.

Other equipment can be used during welding too, such as welding positioners or welding rotators. The welding positioner can help hold things in place for the welder while they work, while the welding rotator holds items like metal pipes and rotates them so the welder can get an even weld.

So What Is The Point In Welding?

As shown, welding provides an important role in manufacturing many different objects that are used daily by many people. Welding enables us to create these items, and so welding is a vital and important part of our everyday lives –even if we don’t know it.

Crispin is from a engineering background where welding was a main part of his job role. The welding equipment he used sourced from the specialists at Westermans.

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