The shaper is a reciprocating type of machine tool used to produce flat surface. The surface may be horizontal, vertical or inclined. Modern shaper can generate contoured surfaces also. This is accomplished by holding the work rigidly on the machine and a reciprocating single point tool mounted on tool head. The single point tool moves along a horizontal axis over the work piece. The metal working shaper was developed in the year 1836 by James Nesmyth an English man.

Purpose – Purpose of the shaping machines are as follows:

  • The main purpose of shaping machine is to machine plane horizontal surface.
  • It is possible to form vertical and angular surfaces also. With proper tools and accessories even irregular surfaces can be formed.

Types of Shapers – Shapers are classified as follows:

  • As Per Type of Motion.
    • (i) Crank type
    • (ii) Geared type
    • (iii) Hydraulic type
  • As Per Position and Travel of Ram
    • (i) Horizontal type
    • (ii) Vertical type
    • (iii) Travelling head type
  • As Per Design of Table
    • (i) Standard shaper
    • (ii) Universal shaper
  • As Per Cutting Stroke
    • (i) Push type
    • (ii) Draw type
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