How Stress Can Damage Your Health

Everyone knows about the side effects of stress. In this article I will focus upon a topic where in I will try to convince you about one of the side effects of stress which is it can damage your health. I will narrate a short story about a person who was so healthy who could defeat an elephant and how because of stress he became so weak.

Story goes like this……

There was a kingdom named Malhapura. The king was very intelligent and powerful. He decided to build a powerful army for his kingdom. So he planned to accumulate all powerful persons from his kingdom and make a strong army. But he could not think of the idea of selecting stronger persons. While this question was going through his mind, one of his employees suggested to prepare for a competition of wrestling and with this method they could identify real strong people and then they can employ them to their army.

The king admired this idea. This sounds a very solid idea to select right people for his army.

He declared for a wrestling competition. Then he ordered his ministers to spread the message throughout the kingdom. Then one elephant was moved with the banner with this message and use to move throughout the country. While the elephant was moving, it stopped at one place seeing a person sleeping on the middle of the road. The soldiers asked the man to move away and give path to cross the elephant. The man did not move at all. Then one of the soldiers ordered the elephant to crush him and go ahead. When the elephant tried to crush him, the man woke up and fought with the elephant and defeated the elephant.

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The soldiers were surprise to see this and informed the king about what has happened. The king asked his soldiers to bring that man to him. The soldiers followed his order and arrested the man.

The king asked him, how is it possible that, you could defeat an elephant. What is your diet? From where did you have so power ? Bla bla bla……..

The man answered, I am a very poor man. I do not have anything to eat. I beg from home to home and eat whatever Iget. People are tired of my begging and stopped giving me food anymore. Then I asked them the waste waters from whatever they cook which they through it outside. For example, the waste water of rice, the boiled waters of vegetable etc. These days, I use to eat this only.

The king was surprised to know, how a person with so bad diet can defeat an elephant. Then he said him you need not to worry about your food now. You will be given tree food for your entire fire in my palace, But you have to bring a banana leaf everyday which can be used as plate to eat. The man became happy and said yes with king’s proposal.

From next day onwards, he uses to come with a banana leaf and eat, and then go. As time passes, he use to find it difficult to get banana leaves as he almost cut every tree available in his locality. Then he moved to nearby villages and so on.Now it became very weak.

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After few days the king ordered him to fight with the elephant and he was easily defeated.

Then the king could easily understood, it was the stress which made him so weak. When he had no stress he was so powerful with limited resources he had.But with the stress of looking for banana leaf he became so weak having all luxurious items with him.

Then he ordered his ministers to take care of all the people of his kingdom to stay free from stress and then only there can be a stronger army.

This was just a story and what it says is very correct. You can loose your good health because of stress. So, always try to be free of stress.

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