Ram – It is actuated by the piston in the cylinder of the hydraulic drive. It moves to and fro during the operation. In case of pulling type of broaching machine the ram pulls the broach with the required pressure for cutting stroke and goes inside the ram head.  

Hydraulic Drive – It is housed in the base and powered by electric motor. This provides the required pressure for pulling or pushing the broach.

Bed – Bed is the robust casting on which the main units are mounted. The construction of bed is such so that it can bear the load/pressure exerted during the operation.

Pulling Slide – It supports the front end of ram.

Puller Head – It secures the pull end of the broach.

Platen – It supports the work piece against the cutting force while broaching operation is carried out.

Broach – A broach is a multiple-edged tool that has successively higher cutting edges along the length of the tool.

Follower Rest – It supports the rear end of the broach

Main Parts of a Broaching Machine

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