The taper attachment is used for turning and boring tapers. It is bolted to the back of the carriage saddle. In operation, it is connected to the cross-slide so that it moves the cross-slide laterally as the carriage moves longitudinally. This action causes the cutting tool to move at an angle to the axis of the workpiece to produce a taper.

The angle of the desired taper is set on the guide bar of the attachment, and the guide bar support is clamped to the lathe bed. Since the cross-slide is connected to a shoe that slides on this guide bar, the tool follows along a line that is parallel to the guide bar and hence at an angle to the workpiece axis corresponding to the desired taper.

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  1. Mavis says:

    Hello for months I have ceesidnrod buying a milling machine but with the vast amount of products on the market and the varying cost quality I am lost. I’d like a solid, capable, cost effective set-up without having to divert large amounts of money from other projects. What would you recommend I do? I would you the machine for gunsmithing custom parts, building electronic cigarettes (metal, wood, plastics), and possibly for making and/or replacing small parts on my 1967 Kaiser M109A3.

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