One of the stars of E3 2018 was Battlefield V, a game where EA takes the long-running, and very successful franchise, back to its roots in World War II.

There is plenty of hype, and controversy, surrounding the title, primarily around historical accuracy. But it’s a Battlefield game, regardless of all the controversy, the one thing you can be sure of is frenetic, 64-player multiplayer action on massive maps. And anyway, are you really expecting historical accuracy from a game

Battlefield V will arrive on 19 October

Battlefield V will arrive on 19 October

The game is scheduled to arrive in October and it’s very likely that we’ll get access to a beta or two before launch. That’s a very long time. Thankfully, a recent leak seems to suggest that a closed alpha of the game will arrive to a lucky few later this month.

In a now deleted tweet, Jim Hejl, principal software engineer at EA stated, “There will be a Closed Alpha for Battlefield V. (You’ll hear more about it later this month)
I will have a block of codes and we’re gonna have a “Content Creation Contest” to give them away!!
⚡️Prepare to get creative ⚡️”

The contents of the tweet, were, thankfully, archived on Reddit for future reference.

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