Microsoft made available its Whiteboard app on PCs running Windows 10 on 12 July and will soon roll out the app on iOS and the web as well. The app lets users make notes on a virtual whiteboard which can be shared and edited with others in across devices, in real time.

The app can be downloaded here and you can use the digital canvas to sketch, draw, erase, and attach sticky notes. Further, there’s a search feature that can be used to find images over the internet that might be of your relevance, along with a bunch of other design tools.

Collaborate with the Microsoft Whiteboard App. Image: Microsoft Blog

Collaborate with the Microsoft Whiteboard App. Image: Microsoft Blog

To use the app, you can sign into the account using an Office 360 Work or School account, and then start collaborating with your team members.

“Since releasing a preview of the app in December, more than 200,000 customers have helped us fine tune the feature set and end-user experience,” Microsoft told VentureBeat. Based on the customer feedback, they have “added a number of new features, including text notes, the ability to add and manipulate images, enhancements to shape and table recognition, accessibility improvements, compliance with various global standards, and more.”

Here’s a preview of the Microsoft Whiteboard app:

The app can be used for free on Window 10, but the catch is that, in order to collaborate and use the features, you will need at least one person in the team to have an Office 365 subscription. An Office 365 commercial account will be required for the web version and iOS version of the app.

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The Whiteboard team is also reportedly working on an Android version of the app. However, there is no information about when it will be available.

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