Potato Song is the new wacky trend and it’s an instant reminder of PPAP

Potato Song is the new wacky trend and it’s an instant reminder of PPAP

There’s a new song that has joined the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP), I like OJ, Selfi maine leli aaj league! It’s called the Potato song, and it’s all social media is jamming on these days.

YouTube comedian Laura Clery, has released a new video this week, and it’s got everybody obsessed. From Clery announcing her love for potatoes, her being showered with fries, to she using potatoes in all weird ways, this video is all kinds of wacky.

Pretty much like the PPAP song, the song has no real meaning, just Clery declaring her love for potatoes, and maybe her call to unite all the potato lovers on the interwebs. It’s essentially a minute-long ode to potatoes. And if you couldn’t relate to the PPAP song, and if Dhinchak Pooja’s Swag Waala Scooter made more sense to you, maybe you will like the Potato Song. It’s just another addition to the cringe-pop genre.

If you are a millenial, you know it well that when a video comes to your timeline with the caption “tag someone and don’t say anything”, it’s weird and has the potential to go viral.

And the greatest things about this song is that how much ever you hate it, you can’t just watch it once. Also, such a great way to p**s your friends off!

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