Popular co-op sci-fi title Warframe is coming very soon on the Nintendo Switch. The news was revealed at TennoCon and the game’s developer, Digital Extremes that the Switch version of Warframe is being developed in collaboration with Panic Button.



As of right now, it has not been revealed as to when exactly Warframe will release on the Switch. The game is already available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, so there is a good chance that the game could be compatible for cross-platform gaming like Fortnite.

Warframe happens to be third person shooter wherein you play as a race of ancient warriors called Tenno who have been brought back from centuries of cryo-sleep. The armour over Tenno is called as the Warframe and inside the game, there are nearly 38 different armours to choose from. The game first released in 2013 and has seen a ton of updates since including several open-world areas.

Panic Button has been earlier responsible for gaming titles such as  Doom, Rocket League, and most recently Wolfenstein 2.  

In more Nintendo related news, the company has partnered with Microsoft to promote this functionality of their two systems in Minecraft, a game that Microsoft publishes itself. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft now enables cross-play with PC, Xbox One, and smartphones — but notably not the PlayStation 4

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