Amazon on 9 August announced the Alexa Automotive Core (AAC) Software Development Kit (SDK) or Auto SDK, in an open source release, in order to integrate into cars so that it can be used for navigation, media, climate information, and information and entertainment purposes.

The Alexa Auto SDK is now available for download on GitHub and includes all the core Alexa functions. The source code is available in C++ and Java, which will enable your vehicle to process audio inputs and triggers, establish a connection with the Alexa service, and handle all Alexa interactions.

Representational Image. Image: Amazon YouTube

Representational Image. Image: Amazon YouTube

The software development kit also includes sample applications, build scripts, sequence diagrams and documentation. These support both Android and QNX operating systems on ARM and x86 processor architectures.

This is the first time that developers will be able to get their hands on, and take a look at how exactly Amazon plans to integrate the Alexa into vehicles.

Alexa Auto will also be capable of performing calls from phones, perform local searches for restaurants, movie theatres and more. Additionally, you will be able to stream audio from Amazon Music, Audible and iHeartRadio.

In the past, companies like Ford and Toyota have already integrated Alexa in their vehicles.

The team behind the Alexa Auto was formed about an year ago and aims to enter into competition with the likes of  Apple’s CarPlay, Google Assistant in Android Auto, and others.

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