Some Twitter users have given Jack Dorsey a choice to either choose Alex Jones or their regular Twitter users. Dubbed ‘DeactiDay’, this rebellion has led to a mass movement among users.

DeactiDay. Twitter/@monteiro

DeactiDay. Twitter/@monteiro

To give some background about the subject, Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who runs a website called InfoWars is infamous for altering facts from history and creating conspiracies about them. Some known conspiracies that have been created by InfoWars are: 9/11 was an “inside job”, shooting in a US elementary school was also an “inside job”, etc. Jones has a following of 8,91,000 Twitter users.

Following this, tech giants such as Facebook, Apple, and YouTube banned content from Alex Jones. However, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey tweeted that since Jones had not violated any of their rules, he would not be removed from the platform. This led to an agitation among users.

When Twitter merely suspended Alex Jones from tweeting on the platform, it urged Mike Monteiro and many more to start an online rebellion called DeactiDay, where they will deactivate their Twitter accounts. Monteiro is a designer.

Additionally, since Twitter gives a 30-day leeway to return to the platform, critics have threatened Twitter that it will lose its users after 30 days if it does not remove Alex Jones.

Mike Monteiro who is spearheading the online rebellion in an interview to Mashable said, “You’ve got the perfect platform for spreading hate and there’s no checks on it whatsoever,” he further added “Alex Jones was just the final straw.” Reportedly, Monteiro has been critical of Twitter supporting extremist content on their platform.

Twitter is rife with posts supporting the movement.

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