Facebook working on a ‘Talent Show’ feature that will let you sing and compete

Facebook working on a ‘Talent Show’ feature that will let you sing and compete

Seems like there is more to come from Facebook’s recently acquired music licensing rights.

According to a researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who is famous for uncovering yet-to-launch features of popular social media apps, Facebook is working on a new feature called ‘Talent Show’.

The Talent Show feature will apparently allow users to compete by singing popular songs on videos and then submitting them for review. Like an audition.

The interface where Wong spotted the existence of such a thing called Talent Show on Facebook, includes mentions of elements like “audition” and “stage”. She says that these songs will be picked from an existing list of popular songs. Sort of like the list Musical.ly has.

In fact, a lot of the hinted feature’s characteristics resemble that of Musical.ly, but instead of lip syncing for fun, on Talent Show, people will actually be singing and competing.

Wong also confirms that Talent Show sources the music via the new Rights Manager, used by the record labels to track copyrighted tracks’ usage on Facebook.

Since the beginning of this year, Facebook has been signing a bunch of deals with record labels, which includes the major ones like Universal, Sony, and Warner, and several others.

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