Google on 15 August, celebrated the 72nd anniversary of India’s Independence with an extremely colourful and vibrant Doodle which seems to be inspired from the art that is generally seen on the trucks in India.

“A long-standing tradition in this four million square kilometre nation where truckers who live on the road surround themselves with cheerful folk art to occupy their minds during long months away from their families,” is how Google explained its Doodle.

Google Doodle celebrating India's 72nd Independence Day.

Google Doodle celebrating India’s 72nd Independence Day.

The Doodle features around two peacocks, a Bengal tiger and an elephant. The national birds are placed in the centre with their beaks crossing each other and their feathers spread out. The national animal surrounds the two peacocks from the right side of the frame standing on top of the last three letters of Google. The mighty Asian elephant stands on the first three letters of Google on the left side of the doodle with its trunk in the air as if it’s trumpeting.

The other elements in the frame comprises the mangoes, the national fruit, which are placed on the top side like a border. The national flower, Lotus, is placed in the centre with the backdrop of the sun rising and the side borders of the frame are decorated with a riot of colourful flowers.

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