The new update of Google Contacts is rolling out as we speak, and it brings with it a big change, that is its new material theme — clear, vibrant colors and rounded corners across — the interface.

While the essential layout of the app still remains the same, but in addition to the overall look, the Google Contacts 3.0 also now makes use of Google Sans (font), and the blue band on top of the app, will now be gone, to make it an all-white UI.

When you update to the new app, you will first, of course, notice the clear white background, and the second should be the centre-aligned “Contacts”, instead of the current title which is towards the left, just next to the action bar.

Representational image.

Representational image.

The Font color and letter markers are also visibily in a lighter blue.

Meanwhile, the primary list of contacts is unchanged, nor has the navigation drawer, save for the Material Theme icons that feature bold outlines and hollow interiors.

Additionally, opening a contact, or the call, text, and Email shortcuts also leverage the new style icons. The contact image is no longer full bleed with a white app bar present to improve the visibility of the back button, starring, and overflow menu.

The Google Contacts update is now rolling out of the Play Store.

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