Google has recently announced that it will be introducing ARCore to Acer Chromebook Tab 10, which is the first Chrome OS tablet and the first non-smartphone to use the augmented reality suite. In addition to that, Google has also announced a number of updates for its education suite, which includes additional features, course kits, and a deeper AR and VR integration.

In a blog post, Google has announced that “Coming this fall, ARCore will run on the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 so students can experience Expeditions AR and other AR apps directly on their tablets.”

The introduction of the ARCore will allow educators to soon have the ability to create a Quiz in Google Forms from Classroom and enable locked mode for distraction free testing, only on managed Chromebooks.

Representational image

Representational image

Additionally, Google has also announced a dedicated Classwork page in its web series called Classroom. With the feature, teachers will be able to organize assignments and questions through grouping them into separate modules, which helps to separate class content from the conversations within Stream.

The blog also talks about the Course Kit that the company announced in July 2018. Course Kit is a toolkit for teachers to use Google Docs and Drive to collect assignments and provide better feedback to students. With the new update, Google is ushering feedback facets of Course Kit into Classroom as well.

“These new grading features, such as a customizable comment bank and the ability to toggle between files and student submissions while grading, will help facilitate effective teaching and learning through improved collaboration between instructors and students,” noted Google writes.

Finally, Google’s new VR tool, Tour Creator, now allows photos taken on any device through the Cardboard Camera app to be added to tours.

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