Microsoft has rolled out a new feature for its cloud server OneDrive where regular users can protect and sync their files and folders automatically in their Microsoft cloud server.

In this new feature, all files and folders will be synced on the cloud, automatically. After this, irrespective of whichever Windows 10 PC you use, you can access your files and drop your work in your cloud account. However, it must be noted that Windows does not accept OneNote and Outlook files.



According to a report by The Verge, OneDrive has confirmed about the rollout and the new feature will “protect” users’ files and folders from ransomware detection and recovery.

In relation this ransomware attacks the cloud service brought a Files Restore feature some time ago, to recover files from ransomware attacks, according to the publication. This service is available only for 30 days of losing the file.

The file protection feature can be enabled via OneDrive settings>Auto Save Tab> Update. After setting the enabling the feature, users can access all their documents, pictures, and folders making things much smoother.

Initially, this feature was exclusive to business users until June, only.

This feature would be a welcome feature for most users since OneDrive did not have such a service for regular users.

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