Although there has been no official confirmation of the OnePlus 6T, it would seem that the rumour mill is already churning out leaks and renders. In the latest, a concept video of the smartphone has been released which shows it looking quite similar to the Oppo F9 and its water drop-style notch.

OnePlus 6T render. Waqar Khan

OnePlus 6T render. Waqar Khan

Now, quite clearly, this is only a render and an assumption of what OnePlus might want the OnePlus 6T to look like. Chances are that OnePlus hasn’t even started any real work on the 6T, if it is going to be released at all that is. However, OnePlus and Oppo are owned by the same parent company called BBK Electronics and in the past, many of the design elements on smartphones from both the companies have remained quite similar.

The concept video by Waqar Khan shows a device with quite a massive screen-to-body ratio, quite like the yet-to-be-announced Oppo F9. The earpiece on the concept smartphone has been placed right above the front-facing camera housed in the waterdrop-like notch. However, there seems to be no space for the LED notification light, which OnePlus has claimed earlier as being very important to its smartphones, much like the alert slider.

One more thing missing is the fingerprint sensor on the back. As per the video, OnePlus might be placing the fingerprint sensor under the display, like the ones we have seen in the Vivo NEX. The concept video also showed a triple camera system as well.

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We recommend that you take this render with a truckload of salt. A ‘T’ version of OnePlus devices is basically a small incremental update without changing much as far as hardware is concerned. In any case, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for even the slightest rumour concerning the next OnePlus smartphone and we are sure to inform you as soon as we get it.

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