As we move ahead from the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 for global audiences, it is inevitable that leaks about the next Galaxy S-series smartphone start popping up. You would expect the South Korean smartphone giant to come up with some revolutionary design for the Galaxy S10 because a report has pointed out that the S9 and S9 Plus were the worst selling S-series phones since 2012.

Galaxy S10 prototype. Image: Ice Universe

Galaxy S10 prototype. Image: Ice Universe

However, a recent leak about the S10 has shed some light on what Samsung has in store for us and to sum it up in one word, it is mind-blowing. As per a report by Korean website ETNews, you can expect a massive camera upgrade on the S10 as the phone will reportedly have a triple-camera system on it.

The report points out that there will be a 12 MP wide-angle lens along with a 13 MP telephoto and a 16 MP super-wide angle camera. This triple camera system will be present in at least two of the three S-series smartphones that will be announced next year.

But if you are thinking that only the premium series Samsung devices will enjoy the triple-camera setup, you would be wrong.  As a matter of fact, the triple camera system will be seen on many more smartphones from Samsung in 2019 and if the report is to be believed then we might even see one this year. The Galaxy A-series, which is Samsung’s upper mid-range series will also be getting this triple camera setup and they have a device coming out in the next two-three months.

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As per another report, it would seem that the Galaxy S10 will also be having an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, much like the one seen on the Honor 10. Samsung will also be looking to shrink the top and bottom bezels even further to provide for a complete full-view experience.

Though we are tentatively up to 4-5 months away from the launch of the Galaxy S10, we are quite sure that the rumour mill will be churning out a lot of leaks. We are sure to update you as soon as we receive further information.

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