Samsung’s new SmartThings Wifi router uses artificial intelligence and mesh networking to optimize whole-home Wi-Fi coverage while it also functions as a smart home hub.

Combining Plume‘s A.I.-based Wi-Fi management with a Samsung SmartThings Hub, the new Samsung product is a multifunction smart home networking appliance that boasts three technologies: Mesh networking for better coverage throughout your home, A.I. for faster speeds for the devices that need it, and a smart home hub to support a universe of smart home products.

Samsung enlisted Plume’s A.I.-based Wi-Fi mesh networking technology for broad coverage throughout your home and optimized performance. A single SmartThings Wifi router covers up to 1,500 square feet, according to Samsung.

If you have network “dead zones” or if your home is larger than 1,500 square feet, you can distribute SmartThings Wifi routers in different locations for strong signals in all areas.

“Mesh networking” refers to the ability to merge together, or “mesh,” multiple Wi-Fi access points to simplify set up and use. When you connect a device to a meshed Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to choose between multiple access points because all of the meshed routers in the house share the same network identifier.

Plume’s A.I.-based management apportions network bandwidth according to the needs of individual devices, rather than allocating resources evenly.

For example, if you use one computer in your home for gaming and a tablet for video streaming, they each need higher speed and more bandwidth than a Wi-Fi connected printer that sits idle most of the time, or a computer you use for email and shopping.

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According to Samsung, “The platform adapts to internet usage in the home and intelligently allocates bandwidth, mitigates interference, and delivers maximum Wi-Fi capacity across the home, accounting for every connected device and selecting the optimal band and frequency channel so users can get the fastest speed possible.”

In addition to network traffic control, the SmartThings Wifi lets parents manage children’s screen time and create guest logins and passwords so visitors only have access to applications and data the homeowner chooses.

The integrated smart home hub in the SmartThings Wifi saves counter space and cables and simplifies configuring smart home devices to the network and hub at the same time. The SmartThings Hub enables connection and control, not only of Samsung’s SmartThings brand devices, but a vast number of third-party smart home gadgets including lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, switches, and voice assistants.

Available nationwide, the Samsung SmartThings Wifi lists for $120 for a single unit and $280 for a pack of three.

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