Although there are lots of Android phone makers out there today, Samsung is still the king. The company’s hugely popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series continue to dominate the Android market, but Samsung also offers a lot of lesser-known (but still great) non-flagship models that you can grab on the cheap.

We’ve picked out the best cheap Samsung phone deals out there right now, including some of the most popular and readily available models. These offers run the gamut from budget-friendly and mid-range devices to affordable previous-gen flagships. Also be sure to check out our updated smartphone deals roundup for some more great discounts on newer Samsung phones like the Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

Today’s Best Cheap Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy J Series

best cheap Samsung phones

The Galaxy J series was introduced in 2013 as Samsung’s entry-level line of mobile Android devices. Although the original J and J1 have been discontinued, the J2, J3, J5, and J7 have continued to get refreshes each year since 2015, with the new 2017 models available at very attractive price points.

The Galaxy J2 and J3 run on quad-core mobile processors, while the Galaxy J7 and the new J5 boast beefier 1.6GHz octa-core CPUs. The latest Galaxy J models all come loaded with Android Nougat as well. Among the 2017 refreshes, the Galaxy J2 features a 4.7-inch 540p AMOLED display and 1GB of RAM, both the J3 and J5 come with a 720p display (5-inch for the J3 and 5.2-inch for the J5) and 2GB of RAM, and the larger J7 boasts a 5.5-inch 1080p screen and 3GB of RAM.

For last-gen 2016 devices, you’ll be limited to 2GB of RAM, 720p displays, and Android Marshmallow, even with the J7. The Galaxy J2 is your best bet if you want the best cheap Samsung phone you can find, although the 2017 model only comes with 8GB of internal storage (compared to 16GB for the other J devices). No matter which device you pick, however, we’ve got the best available deals on the currently available Galaxy J phones right here:

Samsung Galaxy J2 Deals

$113 | Ebay

$136 | Amazon

$120 | Walmart

Samsung Galaxy J3 Deals

$138 | Amazon

$103 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy J5 Deals

$171 | Amazon

$160 | Ebay

$181 | Walmart

Samsung Galaxy J7 Deals

$201 | Amazon

$160 | Ebay

$145 | Walmart

Samsung Galaxy A Series

best cheap Samsung phones

After the J series debuted in 2013, Samsung rolled out the first Galaxy A smartphone the following year. The A lineup represents the company’s midrange Galaxy mobiles and features the sturdy metallic housings that Samsung first debuted on the Alpha, the predecessor to the Galaxy A. Though these aren’t nearly as potent as the Samsung Galaxy S9, or many other Samsung phones, they are a great starter option for anyone who doesn’t need anything too flashy.

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The 2017 Galaxy A revisions come with either Android Marshmallow or Nougat. The A3, A5, and A7 are the most commonly available models, with each one featuring an octa-core CPU (1.6GHz inside the A3 and 1.9GHz in the A5 and A7). The Galaxy A3 comes loaded with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, while the A3 and A5 both feature 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

The A series covers a wide range in terms of size: The pocket-friendly A3 boasts a 4.7-inch 720p display, the A5 features a 5-inch 1080p screen, and the larger phablet-style A7 has a 5.7-inch 1080p display. All use rugged Gorilla Glass 4 and vibrant AMOLED technology. The A3 also has a 13MP rear camera with a 8MP cam in the front, and the A5 and A6 both have impressive 16MP front and rear shooters.

If you’re looking for a nice midrange Android device with premium glass and metal construction, then the A series is a great choice, and we’ve got the best cheap Samsung phone deals right here on available models:

Samsung Galaxy A3 Deals

$240 | Amazon

$153 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy A5 Deals

$280 | Amazon

$146 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy A7 Deals

$291 | Amazon

$283 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy C Series

best cheap Samsung phones

The Galaxy C family was rolled out in China in 2016 to replace the A lineup in that region, but you can find some deals on these cheap Samsung phones floating around among U.S. retailers. Like the A devices, the Galaxy C smartphones are glass- and aluminum-clad, and 2017 models are loaded with Android Nougat mobile OS (as with the other cheap Samsung phones on our roundup, the 2016 releases run on Android Marshmallow).

The Galaxy C5 comes with a 5.2-inch 1080p AMOLED display, while the C7 is a bit larger with a 5.7-inch 1080p screen. Both feature 16MP front and rear cameras, Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor units, and 4GB of RAM. The C5 and C7 are also available in both 32GB and 64GB variants, so you’ve got plenty of internal storage for your apps and files.

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The Galaxy C5 and C7 are very similar in specs to the A series, and considering that international models are readily available from online retailers, either one will suit your needs if you’re in the market for the best cheap Samsung phones that offer improved features and build quality over the entry-level J devices. We’ve got up-to-date deals on them right here:

Samsung Galaxy C5 Deals

$240 | Amazon

$220 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy C7 Deals

$270 | Amazon

$243 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7

Samsung Galaxy S5 review rear

Most of these cheap Samsung phones come from the company’s non-flagship lines, but you can also score some great deals on slightly older high-end models like the S5 and S6 – two of our all-time favorite Android devices that give the iPhone a run for its money. Though they aren’t nearly as powerful as the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S8, all of these cell phones offer quite a bit of bang for your buck. If you’re attracted to the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus, Google Pixel, and iPhone 8, these Samsung mobile phones can be a decent alternative for any of those.

The Galaxy S5 and S6 both launched sporting 5.1-inch AMOLED touchscreens, with the S5 display boasting an HD resolution of 1080p and the S6 featuring a 1440p display and a dual-camera if you want to take front-facing pictures. Hardware specs vary a bit depending on specific model and LTE compatibility, but they all run on quad-core CPUs and come with 2GB or 3GB of RAM. The S5 offers 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and the S6 is available with between 32GB and 128GB of memory.

The Galaxy S5 and S6 were highly successful and extremely popular upon release, so they are still readily available from numerous online outlets. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for the newer S8 or S9, then we’ve picked out the best deals going right now on cheap Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and S7 phones:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals

$180 | Amazon

$140 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy S6 Deals

$225 | Amazon

$210 | Ebay

$308 | Walmart

Samsung Galaxy S7 Deals

$292 | Amazon

$255 | Ebay

$280 | Walmart

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

galaxy vs nexus lg moto best android phone 2015 samsung note 5 review front 1500x1000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Part of the reason that Samsung has managed to retain the largest market share among Android phone makers is the company’s ability to innovate and stay ahead of trends. The Galaxy Note series is a standout example, as this lineup all but pioneered the “phablet” phone format, with larger displays that make these devices much more useful for enjoying things like Android games and videos. If you like the edge-to-edge display of the Note8 or the beautiful primary camera of the Note9, these more affordable alternatives should be able to satisfy your needs for a much lower upfront cost, meaning you’ll have more cash for an accessory or two.

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As Samsung’s secondary flagship line, the newest Note models will cost you a pretty penny, but older models like the excellent Note 4, Note Edge, and Note 5 can be had for much cheaper and still feature solid hardware. As you probably guessed, these phones boast large displays that measure in at 5.7 inches and feature a crisp HD resolution of 1440p. The Edge also notably features a unique curved sidebar for app shortcuts and notifications.

Under the hood, the Note 4, Note Edge, and Note 5 feature similar hardware to the S5 and S6, which makes sense considering they were launched alongside one another. All run on quad-core CPUs, though the Note 5 also uses an octa-core processor in certain models. The Note 4 and Note Edge have 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while the Note 5 has 4GB of RAM and between 32GB and 128GB of space.

If you’ve gotta have a large phone, then the Note series is the one to get, and we’ve smoked out the best cheap Samsung phones from this phablet lineup that are available online right now:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Deals

$259 | Amazon

$204 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Deals

$260 | Amazon

$269 | Ebay

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Deals

$199 | Amazon

$231 | Ebay

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