Last year saw the unveiling of a video showing the first smart thermostat powered by Johnson Controls and Microsoft, which of course is voice controlled via Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana (who stacks up surprisingly well against the competition). It’s called the Glas thermostat, and its sleek design includes a touchscreen display that lets you adjust the temperature of various rooms throughout your home. Glas is now available to order for $319.

Created by Johnson Controls, the firm behind the very first electric room thermostat, Glas will depend upon Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things) Core operating system, and will be one of the very first thermostats to feature a Cortana integration. But it certainly isn’t the only smart home appliance that will soon tout Microsoft’s A.I. assistant. Microsoft recently announced plans to bring Cortana to a host of devices, including refrigerators, toasters, and more.

This week, Johnson Controls announced that the device will also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you don’t have to buy into Cortana if you buy the device. If you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device, you can turn down the thermostat just by using your voice.

According to Microsoft’s promotional video for Glas, the thermostat will be able to keep you abreast of calendar notifications, energy usage, and air quality, as well as determine whether or not you’re in the room (and make adjustments accordingly). Much like the Nest, the Glas thermostat wants to be able to save you energy (and therefore money) by proactively changing its settings based on the environment.

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The thermostat features an attractive 6-inch translucent OLED touchscreen display, and when internet-connected, will monitor air quality and intelligently adjust settings to help create a comfortable home environment. We got a chance to see the device and found it to be extremely user-friendly. Folks will be able to control Glas via mobile, tablet, or web browser, and mobile apps are available to download for iOS and Android.

The Glas smart thermostat is available now online at and at for $319. It will begin shipping on August 24.

Updated August 15, 2018, to add information on availability, price, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

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