Vimeo too has joined the bandwagon of the several tech giants by removing Alex Jones’ Infowars account on the basis of it violating the company’s terms and conditions.

According to the report in the Business Insider, a Vimeo spokesperson spoke to stating that Infowars violated the company’s Terms of Service which prohibits discriminatory and hateful content and they’re not interested in profiting with a content of such nature. Also, the report in the Tech Crunch confirms the removal of Infowars content on Vimeo.

Alex Jones from Reuters

Alex Jones from Reuters

Vimeo was said to have less than a dozen videos of Infowars before the tech giants decided to pull the plug on Alex Jones’. Infowars then uploaded over 50 new videos and hours of footage between 9 August and 10 August.

All of this content was gone over manually and within 48 hours of the videos being uploaded a violation was determined.

Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Apple, Pinterest have collectively removed all of Alex Jones’ content from their websites such as the one in which he criticised Muslim immigrants and the creators of a transgender cartoon.

Twitter is the only one remaining to take an action over this, even though reports over his violations have been found by CNN.

Jones has managed to create a large audience base since Infowars was founded in 1999. He even was able to interview  Trump.

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His most extreme theories include assuming that the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington were executed by the government itself.

Also, Jones has been sued by parents of children who died in 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut over defamation.

As Infowars tries to find refuge and jumps from one platform to another over violating the terms of service and as per the report in Gizmodo it seems that Alex Jones’ content has found a (temporary, maybe?) solace in the platform about which everyone knows but no one visits, Google+.

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