WhatsApp beta is revamping its ‘Report’ feature for both individual chats and groups. Additionally, users also have the choice of keeping their chats. This update is available through the Google Play Beta Program.

Popular source, WaBetaInfo first spotted this feature in WhatsApp beta Android version 2.18.246, noticing that the WhatsApp team had given a new layout to this feature.

For individual chats, the users can simply report the contact without blocking it or deleting messages or they can report and block the contact and delete the chat messages as well.

WhatsApp's report feature gets a new layout. WaBetaInfo.

WhatsApp’s report feature gets a new layout. WaBetaInfo.

In case of group chats, users get a choice to report and exit from the group and delete the messages, or they can simply report the group to WhatsApp without leaving the Group.

WhatsApp's Group Chat's new report feature. WaBetaInfo.

WhatsApp’s Group Chat’s new report feature. WaBetaInfo.

This is present only in the beta version.

As of now, in individual chats, users can report and block the contact which will also delete the chat messages. In group chats, users can report and exit from the group. And it is not merely a report button in the non-beta version, rather it is “report spam”.

The Facebook-owned messaging app came under the radar when incidents of mob-lynchings were reported in countries like India and Bangladesh owing to the problem of fake news being circulated via WhatsApp. The Indian government sent notices to WhatsApp, which led them to introduce certain features dedicated to this problem. Some of the steps taken include labeling forwarded messages as “forwarded” whenever someone sends such a message to users.

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