The best washing machines of 2018

There are a surprising number of important choices to make when purchasing a new washing machine: Do you want steam features? Should it be top or front loading? What size is right for your family? We’ve taken a look at the latest laundry tech and narrowed down your choices to the best options currently on … Read moreThe best washing machines of 2018

The best portable air conditioners

Feeling uncomfortably warm this summer? Get yourself a portable air conditioner. Designed for a single room or smaller space, portable air conditioners can move around easily without the need to be attached to windows. These air conditioners work well in a couple different scenarios. First, they are useful in humid areas where you really don’t … Read moreThe best portable air conditioners

The best dishwashers

Let’s face it: Washing dishes by hand is the absolute worst. First off, the mildewed puck which passes as your kitchen sponge always seems a few days away from sprouting legs; it’s not exactly something you want to scrub any dinner plates with. If that’s not enough, the running water you use typically fluctuates between boiling … Read moreThe best dishwashers

How to clean a dishwasher in a few easy steps

You’re probably reading the headline of this article thinking, “don’t dishwashers clean themselves when they clean the dishes?” Sadly, much like how a shower collects grime over time, dishwashers can also get a little gunky if not cleaned properly. With all the dirty dishes that go into it, your dishwasher can start to collect food particles, which can … Read moreHow to clean a dishwasher in a few easy steps