How Testing of Rubber Compound is Carried Out?

This can be sub-divided into two distinct categories: Testing of unvulcanized compound. Testing of vulcanized compound. Testing of Unvulcanized Compound Testing of Unvulcanized Compound Test Measuring Instrument Significance Viscosity Moony viscometer It gives idea about processing performance of the rubber compound in moulding. Scorch time Moony viscometer Optimum cure time can be obtained. Testing of … Read moreHow Testing of Rubber Compound is Carried Out?

What is Vulcanization of Rubber?

The process transforms elastomers with weak thermoplastic properties into a strong, elastic and tough substance with useful properties and introduces a network of cross links into the elastomers. Tensile strength is maximum at optimum cure. Beyond this point, the stock is said to be over cured. It gets stiffer and harder but weaker and less … Read moreWhat is Vulcanization of Rubber?

What are the various types of resistant rubbers?

Weather Resistant Rubber Ethylene Propylene Rubber – These are the fastest growing elastomers because of its outstanding properties such as good weather resistant in ozone environment. It is used in tyre side walls, tank linings, wire and cables, mechanical goods, agricultural equipment and automotive applications. Modified Polyethylene or Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene – It is unique among … Read moreWhat are the various types of resistant rubbers?

What are the General Purpose Rubbers available?

There are four types of rubbers under general purpose rubbers. They are: Styrene-Butadiene Rubber – Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) constitutes more than half of the world production of synthetic rubber and exceeds natural rubber supply. In fact, tyre industry depends more on SBR than a natural rubber because it is available in plenty and serves the … Read moreWhat are the General Purpose Rubbers available?

How many types of rubber are there?

During the initial period of rubber manufacturing, the raw material was procured almost entirely from South America. Rubber occurs in the ‘Hevea Brasilienses’ tree as latex, a milky liquid exuded when the tree is wounded or cut. As early as 1834, Hancock from Brazil, suggested the possibility of growing rubber tree under more controlled conditions … Read moreHow many types of rubber are there?